Spooktacular Gin Cocktails - Perfect for Halloween!

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Bloody Good Gin and Tonic

So, you’re interested in the secret to a seriously bloody GnT….

The real key, is to add a dash of vampire blood…and a human eyeball in stock. But assuming you’re fresh out of eyeballs, give this recipe a whirl!

Personally, we prefer it with lockdown strength when it gets to the weekend 😊



  • 50ml  Magpie Hill, original or lockdown strength
  • 50ml Tonic water
  • 1 tsp cherry liqueur  
  •  Lime wedges


1) Poor the blood (AKA the cherry liqueur or grenadine if you’ve no cherry liqueur handy) into the bottom of the glass

2)      Fill the glass with ice

3)      Squeeze a lime wedge over the ice (we like to drop ours in too)

4)      Add your choice of Magpie Hill

5)      Top with 50ml of tonic (or more)

6)      Garnish with an eyeball, or an extra wedge of lime



Cocktail number 2: The Monster Mash

If you’re feeling fruity, this might be the Halloween mix for you!

The “green” element is a mixer made with green mandarins which are grown in Sicily, making the drink light, fragrant and zesty. It’s a key ingredient for getting the flavour balance just right, but if you’re struggling to get hold of it, try the cheat below - still zesty, still packs a punch, just a little heavier on the lemon!



  • 50ml Magpie Hill Gin
  • 20ml sugar cane syrup
  • 1tsp lemon juice
  • 1 squeeze fresh orange
  • 100ml Bibite Polara Green Mandarin
  • Orange or lemon peel to garnish


Ingredients for cheaters

  • 50ml Magpie Hill Gin
  • 20ml sugar cane syrup
  • 1 BIG squeeze fresh orange
  • 100ml Sicilian lemonade, like Luscombe’s
  • Orange or lemon peel and a dash of green food colouring to garnish


1)      Chill your coupe glass – add ice and water whilst you mix up the rest

2)      Add your gin, syrup, lemon and orange juices to a mixing glass with ice, and mix 

-          Remember, if you’re cheating, hold the lemon juice!

3)      Empty you coupe glass, and strain in your mix

4)      Top with your 100ml mixer

5)      Garnish with a twist of your preferred citrus fruit


Cocktail Number 3: Pumpkin Party Cocktail AKA, a the Magpie Hill Negroni 

A 35ml service (each part) is recommended for this cocktail, to keep your spooky party under control!

There are so many lovely orange cocktails to try at this time of year, but we thought it might be a little early for you to have topped up the cupboard with orange liqueurs for Christmas, so we went with this one…

Enjoy! But please drink responsibly 😊




Equal parts:

  • Magpie Hill Gin
  • Aperol (Or Campari if you’re looking to get the party started)
  • Sweet white vermouth
  • Then a dash of bitters.

We’ve garnished with orange peel and a green sugar rim to feel a bit more “halloweeny”



1)      Pour a small amount of sugar into a bowl and add green food colouring

2)      Rim your rocks glass with lime juice

3)      Dip the rim in the sugar mix, making sure to cover all the way round

4)      Fill your rocks glass with ice

5)      Add all the ingredients

6)      Stir well

7)      Garnish with an orange slice, fresh or dried